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  • ​Round cafe table

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  • ​High back chair

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  • ​Wooden countertop banquet table

  • ​ Wooden countertop tea table

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Currently, OTOLI is distributing cast aluminum furniture with diverse designs for banquet tables, cafe tables, tea tables,…Why should you choose outdoor cast aluminum furniture?

The most popular outdoor furniture options in the world today

The requirements for aesthetics and quality of products serving people's lives have always changed over the ages. In order to survive and develop, furniture manufacturers always have to adapt, change and perfect their products every day. Until today, according to human standards is no longer a beautiful and cheap product, but most of us think of self-convenience, luxury, durability and quality. With outdoor furniture, we have popular options such as: Die-cast aluminum furnitures, iron furnitures, stainless steel furnitures, stone furnitures, wooden furnitures, rattan furnitures... Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each line above with OTOLI.

Iron furniture

Iron tables and chairs have diverse designs, beautiful models, but are quite heavy and easy to rust, and have to be repainted every year. Keeps heat for a long time, resulting in the product surface being hot in the sun and cold in the winter, making the user experience uncomfortable.

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Stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel furniture for a bright and beautiful appearance, do not rust, are easy to clean and durable with time, but the design is not diverse because stainless steel is difficult to process details. Along with that, stainless steel is easy to warp and difficult to restore its original shape when subjected to external forces.

Stone furniture

Stone tables and chairs are still a good choice for outdoor furniture because of their durability, rigidity, and blending with nature and landscape. However, monolithic stone tables and chairs have a high price, heavy weight, difficult to move, lack of smoothness for user experience.

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Rattan furniture

Wooden and rattan furniture are surface treated for outdoor use for a beautiful, luxurious and comfortable design. However, it causes fire when on fire, inevitably from worm-eaten, and has a very low lifespan, easy to crack and peel.

Aluminum furniture

Simple, luxurious design, durable, environmentally friendly materials, along with easy maintenance are creating value for our aluminum furniture products

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Reason for choosing - The great advantages of aluminum furniture

1. High-durability outdoor cast aluminum furniture

With solid and sturdy cast aluminum, the product has good impact resistance, no warping and moderate weight, easy to move.
Cast aluminum furniture are covered with a powder coating that meets AAMA 2604 standards, will not oxidize, rust, peel, crack, defy all environmental conditions with longevity of the product up to nearly 20 years.

2. Aluminum furniture with high aesthetics

Cast aluminum furniture are designed simply and luxuriously with diverse colors and designs, suitable for each application and individual space, bringing a light and elegant beauty.

3. Aluminum furnitures are convenient during use

Cast aluminum does not absorb of heat like iron so it won't get hot in the summer or cold in the winter. The combination of pillows and seat cushions makes the user experience comfortable. Not only that, OTOLI aluminum furniture can also be easily cleaned with a towel and warm water to keep the appearance clean and shiny. That is also the reason why the MAINTENANCE COST of aluminum furniture is almost zero.

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Besides, OTOLI also provides seating system for airports, bus stations, hospitals, ... with diverse designs, many options of details to suit different spaces.

Completely different from the low-quality seating system that are easy to peel, discolor, rust or even break available on the market, OTOLI's seating system are made of high-quality die-cast aluminum combined with paint durable static electricity for a product life of up to 20 years, along with a variety of design options, materials, and utilities to serve the different needs of customers.

The OTOLI seating systems have a common design language that is the details of the seating system are individual, easily customized to suit your requirements, then all are mounted on a solid die-cast aluminum center bar. This design makes product assembly extremely quick and easy, saving construction time and effort.

With short waiting areas such as bus stops, metro stations..., the line of Seville seating system is the first choice with compact design, modern style, have no backrests feature, you can use seats with any direction you choose. This is also the only seating model with the option of legs to be mounted directly onto the wall, wallboard, and frame of the waiting room.

For areas with average waiting times such as Hospitals, Companies, Supermarkets, State authority, ... A seating system of FLITE or TRAX with basic options, with backrest, for work waiting is more comfortable.

Especially, areas with long standby time or need luxury such as airports, wharf, international hospitals, cinemas... The line of  TRAX seating system with high-class options and additional accessories Additional amenities such as power supply and small tables will make the waiting time of customers the most relaxing and convenient. It can be a snack time, rest or take the time to work on a laptop.





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Come to OTOLI to choose for yourself a model of aluminum furniture suitable for your work with outstanding advantages. Contact us now for more details and specific advice.

Aluminum  Furniture| No interlock machine-no welding - self and fast assembly

  • ​Square banquet table​

  • Round banquet table

  • ​Large armchair

  • Square tea table

  • Round tea table

  • ​Low armchair

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