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Máng xối dạng K otoli.png

1. K-Style gutter

Lưới bảo vệ mang xoi otoli.png

2. Gutter guard

ống thoát nước máng xối otoli.png

3. Rectangular downspout

A elbow aluminium gutter otoli.jpg

4. Rectangular A elbow

B ELbow aluminium gutter otoli.jpg

5. Rectangular B elbow

uốn phần nhô mang xoi nhom otoli.jpg

6. Rectangular offsets

Góc 90 nối trong mang xoi dang K otoli.png

7. Inside mitre

Góc 90 nối ngoài máng xối nhôm dạng K otoli.png

​8. Outside mitre

Nắp bít đầu máng xối dang K otoli.png

9. End caps

Nối ống thoát.jpg

10. K-Style gutter outlets

Định vị ống nước.png

11. Downspout brackets

Giá treo máng xối.png

12. Hidden hanger

K - Style Gutter

  • K-style is the most common gutter configuration, accounting for almost 80% of gutters installed today


  • Can hold more water than half round gutters.

  • Because this style has a flat back, the gutter hangers can be screwed directly to the fascia board, wall, making it more sturdy

  • Survey the scene, build drawings, immediately select components with the right size to be able to install quickly and accurately.

Đầu nối máng xối dạng K otoli.png

13. Fascia hanger

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