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DIY self-assembly products - confirm bravery

DIY products are a popular trend all over the world. So what is this product line and what is the reason why it has thrived in the past time? Let's find out with OTOLI!

What is DIY self-assembly product?

Dòng sản phẩm tự lắp DIY
DIY - Do It Yourself - The DIY product line is popular around the world

DIY – Do It Yourself – Is a self-assembled product line, sold in sets. Users buy and start self-assembly with basic tools available and some tools that come with the kit (if any). Users will receive a copy of the installation guide, or a link to access the supplier's installation instruction video.

Why DIY products are popular?

DIY self-assembly products are interested and popular because it possesses its own great features as well as overcomes the omission that the traditional product line is facing.

DIY self-assembly products – confirming men's bravery

For a long time, men have always had a tendency to want to express themselves, and the DIY product line is what helps men assert that. Instead of hiring a team of workers to do the work, we will feel happier and more proud when we introduce to our friends and relatives that the work was done by our father, husband, or son. No need to worry, because most DIY products are synchronously designed, with clear instructions, making installation extremely easy and quick.

Máng xối tự lắp DIY
Self-assembled gutters - confirming men's bravery

DIY products – Convenient ordering and shipping.

It is a fact that not all the products you want are distributed and constructed in your area. Instead of finding a facility near your home to assemble products that you don't like, you can completely buy a DIY kit and assemble it with your family to create a great product of your choice easily.

sản phẩm tự lắp DIY dễ dàng lắp đặt và vận chuyển
DIY products that are easy to order and ship

DIY products – Family bonds

In the era of modern technology today, the relationship between family members is increasingly distant. Working together to plan and execute a project for your home will help people connect with each other more naturally and responsibly. Some DIY product lines that are difficult to install by yourself (such as gutters, railings, ...) will be very suitable for that.

After completing the project, a small party to thank the help is also an opportunity to bring everyone together.

Sản phẩm tự lắo DIY gắn kết gia đình
DIY products that connect the family naturally

DIY self-assembly products – Save money

Sản phẩm tự lắp DIY giúp tiết kiệm chi phí thi công
Self-assembled DIY product line helps us save a large amount of money from paying construction costs

With automation becoming more and more popular, manual work that requires human effort and meticulousness must be paid properly, so the cost of installing auxiliary works also becomes very expensive. Using the DIY self-assembly product line becomes extremely economical, optimizing costs for your work.

DIY products – Easy to replace and repair

Because it is you who assembles the work from DIY products, when there is an unexpected problem or damage, you can easily understand the cause and can repair it yourself. Most DIY products also support selling individual parts to customers, so buying components for self-replacement is also extremely convenient and cost-effective.

OTOLI DIY self-assembly product lines

Sản phẩm tự lắp DIY của OTOLI
Most of OTOLI's products can be considered as DIY self-assembly products because of its synchronization and easy and convenient solderless assembly.

With a fully assembled no welding style, all OTOLI product lines such as railings, gutters, carports, furniture... are designed in the DIY self-assembly style. All the details and parts of our product lines are uniformly designed, with joints and pre-drilled holes, along with the detailed instruction manuals and videos we provide, helping with the installation extremely easy and convenient.

Especially, our connecting screw system is also cleverly designed to be concealed under the product details, giving the product a seamless and aesthetic appearance.

Let's find out the product lines of OTOLI. For the Vietnamese market, we still support construction and assembly at the construction. Contact us now for more details and specific advice. We expressed heartfelt thanks.

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