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Environmentally friendly materials - OTOLI Aluminum

vật liệu thân thiện môi trường được chú trọng phát triển
Environmentally friendly materials are focused on development

What are environmentally friendly materials?

Environmentally friendly materials are materials used according to the methods that put the environment first; meeting the criteria such as: creating from recycled materials or waste from other industries, minimizing the emission of waste… and it is becoming a new trend of the construction industry, gradually replacing replace and repel cheap, low-quality materials.

Some environmentally friendly materials worth considering:

1. Bamboo

Tre là vật liệu thân thiện môi trường với giá thành rẻ
Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material with a very low price

Bamboo is an essential material element for every house construction, and all today, the use of bamboo stalks for foundation, house crossbeams is still applied.

Especially, bamboo is easy to see in Vietnamese villages because bamboo is easy to grow, not picky about soil, climate, and grows quickly. After harvesting, bamboo can be replanted, it's like an endless source of alternative raw materials that you don't have to pay for importing from abroad.

2. Recycled wood

Gỗ tái chế là vật liệu thân thiện với môi trường
Recycled wood is increasingly focused on research and development to improve quality, popularly used to reduce the exploitation of natural forest wood.

If you are someone who loves using of wood in interior design, you should pay attention to choosing used wood rather than green wood. This is wood collected from destroyed buildings or used products.

Reusable wood helps you save costs and protect rare natural wood resources.

3. Monolith

Đá tự nhiên nguyên khối là vật liệu thân thiện môi trường
Monolithic stone tables and chairs are also natural friendly materials, easily recycled

This source of material is relatively easy to find,it is more popular than some metals, glass and plastics because it does not pollute the environment. Furthermore, monolithic stone can also be reused.

4. Fleece

Lông cừu là vật liệu thân thiện với môi trường
Fleece is focused on developing in the field of construction materials thanks to its durability and good heat insulation

Fleece is an extremely good insulating. Humans know how to take advantage of this in the production of wool, applied in the textile industry and also in housing construction.

Furthermore, fleece is an extremely sustainable eco-friendly material, which is loved for its added value and long service life.

5. Recycled metal

Khai thác kim loại gây tác động xấu đến môi trường
exploiting earth metals seriously affects the environment

As we have seen, mining has led to many terrible impacts on the environment such as sink hole, soil pollution, and even disturbance of natural habitats in the world.

The most effective solution is to use recycled metal, thereby minimizing the impact of the mining industry on the natural environment. Iron, aluminum and copper are the three most recycled metals in the world, which means you can use them in construction.

OTOLI aluminum products with environmental problems

Always pay attention to environmental issues in both the production process and the product's life cycle. OTOLI has chosen to develop a product line made from aluminum for the following reasons:

  • Aluminum is very durable, and is the most environmentally friendly metal, does not oxidize in the environment, is non-toxic and completely recyclable.

  • l About 75% of all aluminum ever produced are still widely used! Aluminum can be reused for the same purposes many times without losing its inherent characteristics.

  • l The energy required to produce secondary aluminum is only 5% of the initial energy input.

  • l OTOLI aluminum products can be easily cleaned with a towel and warm water without the use of harmful cleaning chemicals.

Nhôm là vật liệu thân thiện với môi trường, có thể tái sử dụng nhiều lần
75% of all aluminum produced is still widely used on the market without losing its inherent characteristics.

Along with being environmentally friendly, OTOLI's powder coated aluminum product lines receive positive feedback from customers around the world with outstanding advantages:

  • l Modern design, no welding, quick and easy assembly, completely hidden fastener system, for a seamless, luxurious appearance.

  • l Combined with a glossy powder-coated finish that meets AAMA 2604 standard with a color fastness of up to 20 years. Minimizing periodic maintenance costs.

  • l All products are steady, safe, meeting the construction standards in the host countries

san pham nhom otoli than thien voi moi truong
OTOLI products always receive positive feedback from customers around the world

Currently, OTOLI provides the following main product lines:

  • Aluminum railing

  • Aluminum furniture

  • Seating system

  • Aluminum gutters

  • Aluminum carport

  • LED light

  • Busway

If you have a need, please contact us immediately for advice on the right products for your work. We sincerely thank you for your trust to use our products.

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