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With a stylish look, K-style is the most popular gutter configuration, accounting for almost 80% of gutters installed today.

Can hold more water than round gutters.

Because this style has a flat back panel, the gutter hangers can be screwed directly onto the wall paneling, making it more sturdy.

  • K-Style gutter

  • Gutter guard

  • Rectangular downspout

  • Rectangular A elbow

  • Rectangular B elbow

  • Rectangular offsets

  • Inside mitre

  • Outside mitre

  • End caps

  • K-Style gutter outlets

  • Downspout brackets

  • Hidden hanger

  • Fascia hanger

half round gutter aluminium otoli.jpg

Less dirt and easier to clean than K-type gutters

Smoother inner surface reduces the possibility of corrosion, water debris flows more freely, limiting clogging over time inside the gutter

Suitable for some specific architectural styles that K-shaped gutters cannot replace

  • Half round gutter

  • Gutter guard

  • Round downspout

  • Round elbow

  • Round offsets

  • Inside mitre

  • Outside mitre

  • End caps

  • Gutter outlets

  • Downspout brackets

  • Fascia hanger

  • Wall mount

What is a gutter?

A gutter is a water trough that is built along the roof of a building to collect rainwater and direct it to the specific position. Stone gutters, aluminum gutters, corrugated iron gutters, and more types of gutters are available nowadays. You can choose gutter type and size based on the design, size, and slope of the roof, as well as the amount of rain in the area.


Why do we must install gutters?

The gutter is a temporary construction very important and excellent use. Let's look at how it can help to extend the life of a building as well as make use of clean water.

Gutters aid in the protection of the structure

It is necessary to prevent water from dripping or running off the roof in an uncontrolled way for some of reasons: to avoid damaging walls, eroding floors, wetting people standing below or entering the building. Gutters also serve to water-conducting to a waste dumps disposal site so as not to damage the building's foundation.


Gutters help save clean water resource

Nowadays, many constructions use gutters to making good use of rain water. Water from the roof is collected by gutters and led to a re-used water tank, used for the purposes of spraying wash items, vehicles, and watering plants. With a country with heavy rainfall like Vietnam, the amount of money saved from this water source is not small.


Choosing gutters for your work

In the current market, gutters have lots of models and materials. But the most common in terms of model are K-style gutters and Half round gutters. The most appreciated gutter material in terms of durability, aesthetics and quality is powder-coated cast aluminum. Gutters are made of lightweight, sturdy die-cast aluminum, covered with a powder-coated finish, with a smooth, bright, easy-to-clean surface with a durability of up to 20 years.


As a gutter specialist with step-by-step combined experience, develop and complete products, OTOLI offers the highest quality aluminum gutters and accessories today.

Take a look at the aluminum gutter systems that OTOLI has provided and installed in countries like Vietnam and Europe.


Aluminum  Gutter| No interlock machine-no welding - self and fast assembly

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