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Advantages of LED lights you should know.

Most of the buildings are indispensable for the night lighting system, which not only helps to provide light, but with the talent of the designers, it also adds beauty and elegance to the works, contributing to the success of improve urban landscape. With superior performance, LED lights are gradually replacing the out-dated incandescent bulbs.

LED lights not only provide light, but also add to the beauty of the building

With the goal of continuous developing and improving the quality of products and services, OTOLI also researches to bring to the market the best quality, durable and most aesthetic lighting models to match the lines our other exterior products.

After a period of researching production technology as well as European lighting standards, we have launched a product line of LED lighting products with outstanding advantages:

1. Stable light performance

LED light OTOLI for stable light performance

LED light OTOLI are designed according to a high color rendering index (>80), do not contain dangerous infrared rays, obvious clear, natural light, …

2. Product design variety

Đèn LED OTOLI đa dạng mẫu mã
LED light OTOLI come in many designs and styles to suit different customer applications

OTOLI LED lights have quite diverse designs, meeting different needs of customers such as: work decorative lights, street lights, indoor lights, lights for factories,…

3. High longevity and power saving

LED light OTOLI are extremely power saving

LED light OTOLI have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, 5 times longer than conventional bulbs. Save between 50-80% energy. Therefore, the costs of replacing and repairing lamps are limited.

4. Highly durable

With the main goal of outdoor assembly, the product is often directly affected by the weather and the environment, we have designed the light box and light pole using aluminum material coated with high-grade powder coating to help anti-oxidation, waterproof and fade proof, ... bring high durability to led lights. Minimize maintenance costs for your family.

The use of powder-coated cast aluminum poles and light boxes helps to improve the durability of the OTOLI LED lighting system.

5. Safe when using.

LED light OTOLI does not contain harmful substances and during the lighting process, the lamp does not emit harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays, or UV rays, etc. to ensure safety for users.

The pole and light box are covered with powder-coating electrical and thermal insulation, making the use safer and more comfortable for users.

6. Environmentally friendly.

Another story about developing a line of environmentally friendly products, contributing to a better world of OTOLI.

Environmental friendliness of LED lights

LEDs are extremely eco-friendly because:

  • Extremely energy efficient, cutting power consumption by 90% when compared to incandescent lights.

  • Long life of up to 50,000 hours, which reduces packaging and transportation, and reduces solid waste and hazardous chemicals. 1 LED bulb replaces 50 incandescent bulbs with a lifespan of only 1000 hours being thrown away.


Are the advantages of the OTOLI LED lighting system persuasive enough you?

To learn more about the product or order your own options, please contact us immediately for specific advice and guidance. We sincerely thank you for your trust to use our product.

Refer to OTOLI LED modLightls at:

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