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Modern society develops, the need to use quality products to improve people's material and spiritual lives is also increasing. In today's public units, the use of seating system is no longer strange. These are seats designed specifically for crowded waiting areas, helping to relax and dispel fatigue when waiting.

Seating system at the airport with luxurious and polite design


In public areas, customers often have to experience a rather tiring wait. Therefore, the product seating system is really indispensable.

OTOLI seating system installed in the lobby of an international company

Seating system not only help improve the waiting time of customers but also show respect and professionalism of each unit for its customers. Help open the meeting with a more relaxed spirit after resting, or welcome an optimistic and happy customer to the service of your unit.

TRAX seating system otoli
TRAX seating system model with high backrest and luxurious footrest next to simpler models around

The seating system is currently being applied in many different areas of life. It is used in most hospitals, airports or schools, business units, hotels, restaurants, etc. Depending on the purpose, space and needs of use, you can choose products with Design, detail, size, various.

The evolution of the seating system

Along with the development of society and the increasing requirements for aesthetics as well as applicability, seating system are also increasingly diverse. We can easily see the popular plastic seating in the hospital, the unique innovative seating system at the design company, or the luxurious leather seating system in the airport business lounge. ..

A model of a seating system for ADN of a design company in Ho Chi Minh City.

Simultaneously, the user experience is also increasingly enhanced when the seating system in the area with long waiting times are integrated with small tables and power sources, so that the waiting time can be used to work easy work or snack.

Seating system for places with long waiting times such as airports are integrated with electric sockets and small tables to help users have a great and convenient experience.


Smart, sturdy design with durable materials

Completely different from the low-quality seating system that are easy to peel, discolor, rust or even break available on the market, OTOLI's seating system are made of high-quality die-cast aluminum combined with paint durable static electricity for a product life of up to 20 years, along with a variety of design options, materials, and utilities to serve the different needs of customers.

The OTOLI seating systems have a common design language that is the details of the seating system are individual, easily customized to suit your requirements, then all are mounted on a solid die-cast aluminum center bar. This design makes product assembly extremely quick and easy, saving construction time and effort.

With short waiting areas such as bus stops, metro stations..., the Seville line of seating system is the first choice with compact design, modern style, with no backrest feature, you can the seats can be used in any direction desired. This is also the only seating system model with the option of legs to be mounted directly on the wall, wall, and frame of the waiting room.

Ghế chờ seville của otoli
Seville seating system has a youthful and modern design
Ghế chờ otoli
Can be mounted directly on the shelter panel

For areas with average waiting times such as Hospitals, Companies, Supermarkets, Government Agencies, ... FLITE or TRAX seating system with basic options, with backrest, for work waiting is more comfortable.

A Flite seating system with basic options but still comfortable for medium waiting times.

Especially, areas with long waiting times or need luxury such as airports, marinas, international hospitals, cinemas... TRAX seating system line with high-class options and additional accessories Additional amenities such as power supply and small tables will make the waiting time of customers the most relaxing and convenient. It can be a time to snack, rest or take advantage of time to work on a laptop.

Triangular cluster of Trax seating system with small tables and power for areas with long waiting times or in need of luxury.

You can fully consult the options for surface finish, armrest type, seat legs, style, and bench layout before making your decision. We are also always enthusiastic to support and advise so that the final product is most suitable for your work.

Check out the lines of OTOLI seating system at:

For more information, please call the hotline: +84 912 500 205 or leave your information here.

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