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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Aluminum Gutters

Choosing the right gutter system for your work is very important. Besides, the installation is also the key for the system to working smoothly and use properly. As an expert with step-by-step summarize the experience, developing and perfecting aluminum gutters, OTOLI offers 5 mistakes to avoid when installing for your reference and effective work.

Install OTOLI aluminum gutters properly
Install efficient aluminum gutters

1. Using the Wrong Rain Gutter Size

How much rain your gutter is able to handle is critical to its ability to be effective in draining it away from the home. Too small of a gutter and the system can be overloaded with rain water, leading not only inefficient drainage but also gutter damage and even foundational issues around the area. Both the average rainfall within the region and the structure’s roof size and pitch should be taken into consideration when choosing the size of the rain gutters installed.

2. Improper Pitch

Although K-style aluminum gutter is still the first option with more outstanding advantages, it does not mean it is applicable to every works. For classic buildings with curved design, round roofs, a half round gutter system will be more suitable. A K-style aluminum gutter with a multi-segment drain is optimal when using a round outlet instead of a box outlet. Please consider the issues carefully before consulting.

Beautiful and durable aluminum gutters OTOLI
A K-style gutter system would be more suitable for this project

3. Gutter Hangers Spaced Too Far Apart

Gutter hangers serve an important function in the overall system. They are what mount the gutters themselves to the home. Unfortunately many installers place these hangers too far apart, rain gutters begin to sag which can lead to pooling water in these sections. This affects the wall of the building where the trough is attached, and even opens the trough from the building. Gutter hangers should always be placed at least every 3 feet for proper support (2 feet in northern climates where snow and ice can add additional weight on the gutters).

4. Having Too Many Seams

The seams of the rain gutter system are the weakest points and the area most vulnerable to damage. To avoid many common gutter problems such as leaks, it’s important to install a system with the fewest number of seams as possible. Aluminum gutters with a uniform design, for a seamless finish are the best choice to avoid this common installation mistake.

OTOLI aluminum gutters in Vietnam
A system that uses gifts with multiple links with the same price outside is not aesthetically pleasing

5. Poor Downspout Placement

The location as well as the number of gutter drain pipes is also an important factor to ensure the system works efficiently. Improper downspout placement can also lead to erosion around the area, insect infestations inside the gutters, and foundation or siding damage all which can be costly to repair.

Once you've decided on aluminum gutters for your work, OTOLI is here to help. As an industry expert, we offer the highest quality aluminum gutters and fittings available today, monitor the construction process, to ensure a perfect finished product for you. Our catalog has a wide selection of sizes, colors and thicknesses to meet every customer need. To learn more about our products or order your own options, please contact us immediately for specific advice and guidance. We sincerely thank our customers.

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