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Aluminum railings are proving to be the predominance of both aesthetics and quality, especially convenience and excellent warranty policy in comparison with other products on the market.

Let us find out about the advantages of aluminum railing through the article below.

advantages of aluminum railings
Simplicity, sophistication and modernity, along with durability. Aluminum railing is the first concern of western countries for fences, railings, outdoor balconies work.

The appearance

The first advantage of aluminum railings, have to learn about the appearance. The first thing that catches everyone's eye. Aluminum railings often have a simple design, but are very sophisticated and modern. The surface is electrostatic powder coating to AAMA 2604 standard for a beautiful, durable, and smooth appearance. Exceptionally seamless with pre-assembled design, no welding.

"I feel that I made the right choice when choosing OTOLI aluminum railing. Everyone compliments it on its beauty, and solid, especially after using it for 8 years, it still hasn't blistered or faded." JK. Rowler.

You will often catch projects using aluminum railings all over the world. From civil buildings, to apartments, commercial buildings and high-rise buildings. Or fences, railings of public works such as mountain roads, riversides, railway barriers.

Lan can nhôm cho công trình công cộng OTOLI
Công trình công cộng sử dụng lan can nhôm vì tính bền bỉ, tiện lợi, tối ưu hoà chi phí và thời gian thi công.

Dominant quality

Appearance is not the main reason for the credibility of aluminum railings, the quality and durability of aluminum railings are the reasons for the success of this product around the world. Aluminum railings are manufactured by OTOLI's aluminum extrusion technology, meeting ICC - ES AC273 standards, ISO 9001: 2015 standards for safety. It is extremely durable, withstands high temperature changes during the year, does not peel, crack, and face stark environment conditions.

aluminium railings high quality, durable
Durable aluminum railing, defying all kinds of harsh weather, still durable, not peeling or cracking.

Convenience in construction

The third advantage of aluminum railings compared to other products on the market is convenience. Very easy to disassemble, do not need a lot of mechanical equipment when construction. All you need to do is measure correctly, place an order, and then bring in the railing and install it in a few simple operation like childish games. On the other hand, transportation is also extremely convenient, easy, and cost-saving.

“My sister shipped off her baby to their grandparents' for a few days, In the past, my house built a slightly high porch to avoid flooding, now the baby is 3 years old, at the age of play, so she often runs and jumps, her parents told me to ask someone to install a railing for our baby safety. Looking for a construction team, I stumbled upon information about the self-installed OTOLI aluminum railing. Looks very nice and modern, has international certification for safety, self-assembly video is also quite simple, and has a 15-year warranty. So I bought it and tried it out. It only takes half a morning to finish, but I'm completely satisfied” Mr. Quang (Da Lat city)

Lan can nhôm lắp đặt dễ dàng tiện lợi của OTOLI
Aluminum railing Mr. Quang (Da Lat city) self-ordered and self-installed, increasing the safety of the house, extremely luxurious and delicate.

Great after-sales service

The last advantage of OTOLI aluminum railings is that the after-sales service is hard to compare with any other product. OTOLI aluminum railing has a warranty period of up to 15 years, commitment to replace if peeling, fissures and cracks appear in weather conditions. Giving customers absolute peace of mind when choosing.


The advantages of OTOLI aluminum railings have been verified all over the world, as a reliable product and brand, as the optimal choice for every project with:

l Sophisticated and modern design

l High quality and absolute safety

l Durable with time, defying all harsh environmental factors

l Easy to transport, assemble, optimize cost and construction time

l Warranty policy up to 15 years, periodic maintenance

l A team of enthusiastic consultants, professional, always give you the best solution.

Once you've decided on aluminum railings for your project, OTOLI is ready to help you at all times. As an industry professional, we offer the highest quality aluminum railings and accessories available today. Our catalog features a wide selection of styles, colors and styles to meet every customer need. To learn more about our products or order your own options, please contact us immediately for specific advice and guidance. We sincerely thank you for your trust to use our products.

Refer to OTOLI aluminum railing models at:

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