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Advantages of Carport

Carport is a popular work around the world with increasingly modern and diverse design, highly effective in protecting vehicles as well as improving the quality of life for users. Especially the ability to adapt to all weather conditions while ensuring durable quality. Find out with OTOLI the great things that carport brings to your family:

The carport has a modern and luxurious design

1. Carport helps protect your vehicle.

Carport can block maximum dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays, supporting to protect vehicle paint. This is the most perfect protection solution for your vehicle, limiting damaged and broken down.

2. Carport improves your standard of living.

Reduces the temperature in the car when it's sunny and ensures dry for you to get in and out of the car when it rains. Your experience is really comfortable, high class.

Carport improves the quality of user's life

It's not only a carport; it's also a useful family living place. It can be used as a place to relax and have fun for the family without fear of being affected by the weather.

"I have installed OTOLI's model 2 aluminum carport, intending to install it to have a place to cover the sun and rain when entering and leaving the car for convenience. But after it was completed, it was discovered that it was still possible to use it for the whole family to gather around to eat barbecue, not to worry about sudden rain, and not to be afraid of the smoky smoke in the house, it's very convenient" Mr. Hoang Thai Cong (Da Lat) shared.

3. Carport enhances the aesthetics of works

Carport is increasingly focused on beautiful and luxurious design. It would give solid feeling when looking at it. This is also the favorite design of many businesses. It brings aesthetic value and modernity to your work.

4. The size of the carport is reasonably metrology

Precisely metrology to avoid the impact when moving vehicles in and out, the size between the carport sections is to create consonance, balance as well as create a steadying for the carport.

The carport has a reasonable size and is easy to install

5. Carport is easy to install.

Installation is quick and easy with basic tools, along with easy and cost saving maintenance.

6. Convenient carport accessories

The lighting system not only illuminates but also adds a luxurious look to the carport when it's dark. Along with that are the included upgrade accessories such as: Power source, cleaning stuff and racks to help optimize the area and function as well as ensure the carport is always clean and comfortable.

Additional accessories to help keep the carport comfortable and clean

7. Extremely durable carport

To optimize costs for customers, OTOLI offers a carport model with powder-coated aluminum panel is extremely sturdy and durable and polycarbonate roofing ~ 200 times stronger than glass uaual. For the longevity of this product up to 20 years and almost no maintenance costs.


With only 1 investment and installation to use and enjoy the high-class life for nearly 2 decades, the cost is very low when set against the potential benefits of carport. If you have some demands, come to OTOLI for advice on the most suitable model for your work. We sincerely thank you for your trust to use our product.

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